Third place, Arts Faculty Heat, 3 Minute Thesis at the University of Waterloo, February 2018

“Changing Bodies, Changing Minds: Reading and Watching Speculative Fiction for Teaching Social Change.”

Live Chat for Graduate Student Orientation, July 2017

I am an instructor, educational and career success mentor, student services professional, and workshop facilitator with over ten years of experience in the field of education. 

My career trajectory and professional development interests have been informed by my experiences as the graduate of an alternative high school and community college and as a first generation university graduate. I am committed to educational success programs for underrepresented and non-traditional students. During my undergraduate degree, I volunteered and worked for Educational Opportunity Initiatives, a college access and success program. Since then, I have taught and tutored for multiple college access, alternative high school, summer enrichment, and adult education programs.

At the postsecondary level, I have taught and evaluated mainly first and second year students in English Language and Literature, Women’s Studies, and Speech Communication courses. 

I am completing a PhD in English Language and Literature. My primary area of study is postcolonial literature and theory, with a specialization in gender and sexuality. I also have experience in discourse analysis, with a concentration in textual and visual representations of gender and race. My major project is a study of how secondary and postsecondary instructors can draw upon speculative fiction literature and television to better talk about race and gender with their students.

My extensive experience in student services complements my teaching, and my teaching enriches my student services practice. I have over three years of experience in student services, including orientation, career services, educational development, and success coaching.

To see my most recent employment experience as well as a current list of conference presentations and publications, both past and upcoming, please connect with me on LinkedIn!

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