What is a stairway? What does a stairway represent? What do you think of when you hear the word “stairway?”

I considered all of these questions while reading today’s prompt on The Daily Post:


Since I’ve been thinking about my career trajectory fairly often lately, I suppose it makes sense that my thoughts immediately drifted to how the image of a stairway relates to one’s career.

A career is like a stairway which leads to multiple rooms. More accurately, perhaps, it’s like multiple stairways in an office building which houses many types of businesses. If you find your passion early on and/or if the economy thrives, you might stop at the first level. You might enter a room and stay there. If you have multiple interests or if you’re experiencing job insecurity, you might travel from room to room before going back to the stairway to see what other opportunities await. Maybe you’ll stop on the stairway, exhausted, and wait to pursue new opportunities.

After taking some time off from actively seeking employment, I got back on the career stairway. I see my career now as one in which I continuously return to the stairway, moving between levels as I figure out what type of work is likely to be most rewarding personally and professionally.

If your career were a stairway, what would it look like?

Or do you have an entirely different perception of the word “stairway?” Share it!


I am a former high school teacher, a current PhD student and professional tutor/editor, and a mom. My passions are higher education, racial equity, LGBTQA advocacy, autism awareness, and conversations around mental health, especially maternal mental health. Please like my tutoring page on Facebook!

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