Study on call backs for law internship shows gender & class bias

A new study on law school internship hiring has yielded interesting and dismaying results regarding the influence of both social class and gender on hiring. A c.v. study found that call back rates for men track class indicators, with men having c.v.s indicating lower class origins markedly disfavored relative to men with markers for higher […] [...]


What is a stairway? What does a stairway represent? What do you think of when you hear the word "stairway?" I considered all of these questions while reading today's prompt on The Daily Post: Stairway Since I've been thinking about my career trajectory fairly often lately, I suppose it makes sense that my thoughts immediately [...]

Professormex, The Nerds of Color, on “Elysium and the 1%”

Professormex notes: "..while Elysium whitewashes the main character, it’s important to note the character is (supposed to be) a person of color, and, at least in theory3, is ultimately in reclaiming paradigm shift.” There is so much to consider in this analysis of Elysium. I think that it's important that the protagonist died (in the [...]